Zambia auctioned to the highest bidder…says man opposition in joint statement


Zambia auctioned to the highest bidder…says man opposition in joint statement

From Joint Opposition Press Briefing

“Zambians are now afraid of speaking against government failures freely because they could easily get arrested by state police and denied bond,” Harry Kalaba, Citizens First president.


The main opposition in Zambia have described as ´deeply unfortunate´, President Hakainde Hichilema and UPND´s decision to ´auction ‘the country to the highest commercial bidder at the expense of local interests said Harry Kalaba in a statement read on behalf of all major opposition parties in Zambia on Thursday.

“Foreign powers write the script on how everything goes in Zambia, give an order to our leader (Hichilema) and all he asks is ´How high can he jump´,” Kalaba the President of Citizens First said on behalf of the opposition in a briefing widely televised on various platforms including Facebook.

Kalaba revealed that, a ´known´ Caucasian ´partner´ of President Hichilema who he did not name, until at a later time, “has been bragging abroad about how instructed President Hichilema to arrest vice President of the main opposition party Given Lubinda, Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba, Raphael Nakachinda and Socialist President Fred M´membe on trumped up charges of treason following open interviews they had with a Zimbabwean television group.

“We wont stand by and watch Mr. Hichilema plunge Zambia in a cesspool of anarchy and blood bath,” Kalaba said on behalf of the opposition, “He (HH) must reflect deeply on his responsibilities as a national leader and stop his blatant disregard of the rights of Zambians.”

Kalaba also states that the opposition is concerned at the fact that the Electoral Commission of Zambia which he described as ´tribal ‘and biased has now employed a ´disgraced´ CEO who was once fired by the commission for allegedly attempting to help Mr Hichilema´s party then in opposition to flip the Zambian poll in 2016.

He described as ´unfathomable´ the strong desire of the Hichilema government to hire a flawed candidate for perhaps the most sensitive job in Zambia´s democracy when facts on the table automatically disqualify him.

Civil society and archbishops of the most influential church in Zambia have recently sounded clarion distress calls against what they have called a ´desecration´ of the democracy of Zambia that has seen the judiciary, parliament come under heavy interference from the executive.

Kalaba also described as a shame, the western corporating partners loud silence on the various rising abuses of rights in Zambia by Mr Hichilema´s government, something they spoke loudly against under President Edgar Lungu. The full statement is available online.

Source: Opposition Press Conference-16.11.23


  1. Not interested in reading full statement. When is he being nabbed to substantiate his allegations. If a citizen is required to lodge a complaint please i will do so


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