By George Zulu

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba says Zambia is a silent state of war with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sinkamba claims that in fact, an exchange of fire ensued a few months ago.

Posting on his official Facebook page, Sinkamba further says DRC the reason for the silent state of war is the land which both countries are claiming to own.

“Many Zambians are unaware that Zambia is in a silent state of war with our neighbour the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In fact, an exchange of fire ensued a few months ago. DRC claims Zambia has occupied their territory,” he said.

He further discloses that the dispute was early this month referred to SADC by the Chairman of the Security Organ President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Now, SADC is likely do nothing to resolve this issue which has been on the unresolved since 1884,” said Sinkamba.

The opposition leader claims that culprits to the border dispute are Britain and Belgium and colonial treaties that they signed.

He says without bringing these countries into the discussion, under auspices of the United nations, as well as the communities affected by the arbitrary demarcation of the border, the problem will continue haunting the people of Zambia and the DRC as well as future generations.

“Depending on convictions of the person who, one day becomes President of Zambia, maximum force will be used to grab back the land which King Leopold II of Belgium forcefully grabbed from our people. A border commission under the supervision of the United Nations, like the one which addressed the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border is therefore the only solution. The only solution is to reset the border to the pre-1884 limits. Here is the map of Zambia using the 1884 Kingdoms limits.”


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