Zambia Is Heading Towards Something Akin To A Military Junta – Kalaba

Harry Kalaba


Citizens First leader Harry Kalaba says Zambia is heading towards the direction akin to a military junta, mired by dictatorship and diminishing political space, saying British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley must review his credentials if he doesn’t see that.

In a statement, Kalaba, who is former Foreign Affairs Minister, says that Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to Zambia who have not realized that the country’s political space is diminishing should review their credentials and assess if they are still serving their personal interests or the interests of their sponsoring countries.

“People need to realize that Ambassadors and High Commissioners do not serve their interests or the interests of their friends in government but they serve the interest of the government they represent. To choose to ignore the activities going in Zambia in a bid to preserve personal relationships is akin to neglecting one’s responsibility as an envoy more so a bigger and historical partner that the British is.
It is High Commissioner Woolly who was first to contact me when I was detained in Kalulushi for having lunch at a member’s house after attending church service,” Kalaba stated. “There is a report published by one of the US agencies that is talking about Zambia’s governance. Has the High Commissioner looked at the 2023 Global Peace Index and compared it with the 2022 index?
If the fight against corruption is genuine why do people feel compelled to queue up and apologize to the President? As CF we stand by the statement that the political space is fast diminishing in this country and if any Ambassador or High Commissioner can not see that perhaps it’s time..


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