´Zambia Must consider Joining BRICS´…Amb. Anthony Mukwita advises in new book

How to become a Tyrant- Amb. Anthony Mukwita

´Zambia Must consider Joining BRICS´
…Amb. Anthony Mukwita advises in new book

From Diamond TV 3rd May 2023

Author and International Relations pundit Anthony Mukwita has advised the President Hakainde Hichilema government to sign up for BRICS membership in order to cast its economic net wide beyond the IMF and the World Bank, create jobs and reduce poverty.

Ambassador Mukwita was speaking on the side-bar of discussing his newest book, `China in Africa the Zambia Story´currenty attracting huge traffic on online bookstores such as Amazon ahead of print copies in Zambian bookstores.

Hosted by anchor Andrew Mwansa on ´Diamond Live´ on May Day, Ambassador Mukwita a two-time published author and immediate former Ambassador of Zambia to Germany said if the Hichilema administration had thrown its hat in the BRICS ring yet, “now is the best time.”

“BRICS is the new economic alternative that seeks to unite countries from emerging markets to look beyond the hegemony of the IMF and the Bank,” said Ambassador Mukwita said.

The author of ´China in Africa, the Zambia Story ‘currently trending internationally said, a section in his new potential bestseller explains why Zambia must join BRICS, the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa for the benefit of the nation.

The next BRICS heads of states summit will be held in South Africa in August, China has hosted the summitt three times since it was established in June 2009.

For more details on ´China in Africa the Zambia Story´ by Anthony Mukwita, log onto the book website, order a copy via Amazon and see reviews: http://chinainafricathezambiastory.wordpress.com/china-in-africa-the-zambia-story/

BOOK ISBN: 1776428560 and 978-1776428564


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