Zambia Opts Out On USA Summit On Democracy Commitments That Promote And Protect Gay Rights



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

We wish to commend Government for opting out and expressing objection and reservations to Summit for Democracy outcomes especially on the Conference’s commitments that promoted and protected LGBTQI rights across the world.

It must be stated that it is not established, and there is no world-wide or United Nations consesus, that the LGBTQ rights are human rights and further, the concept and its promotion remain illegal in Zambia as ably articulated in the reservation document.

Further we welcome Zambia’s reservation as related to the Ukraine/Russian War as the use of war cannot help resolve conflict or bring lasting and durable peace as it leaves lasting damage, carnage and destruction of people and economies.

Following the co-hosting of the 2nd Summit for Democracy 2023 held by the United States, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea, Government of the Republic had to exclude itself from Summit outcomes and commitments in regard to LGBTQ rights and its protection;

1. Inclusion and all its variations- Zambia only recognises two genders,make and female

2. Gender equality and Gender identities- in Zambia only binary gender of male and female is recognised.

3. Discrimination and exclusion on any grounds- Zambian laws do not allow sexual orientation.

4. Marginalised groups- doesnt include LGBTQI.

5. Sexual Orientation- Laws do not recognise it.

6. Vulnerable Situations- do not include LGBTQI.

7. All Women and Girls in their diversity- only women and girls and no further.

8. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights consistent with International Conference on Population and Development.

9. Rules Based Order- without including LGBTQI.

10. War between Russia and Ukraine-Peaceful resolution to be included at the heart of conflict resolutions in the promotion of President Hakainde Hichilema’s “War anywhere is War Everywhere” policy.

The fight to promote the family unit, principles and national values is relentless one. The need by Government to attend to the threats that the LGBTQ international agenda poses to the nation as demonstrated by its role in the outcome document must be commended by all meaning people and stakeholders.

We call upon the Church to be in the forefront of fighting for the rights of the family and the upholding of morals, ethics and national values as moral degradation in society cannot be cured or prevented by laws, legislation and regulations.


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