Zambia Police Firmly Refute Allegations of Night Ambush against Former President Lungu


Zambia Police Firmly Refute Allegations of Night Ambush against Former President Lungu

The Zambia Police Service has categorically refuted the allegations made by former President Edgar Lungu regarding a purported plan to ambush him at night. According to the police statement, these claims are entirely “unfounded and false,” and the Zambia Police Service had no intention of ambushing Mr. Lungu or any other citizen.

The police emphasized that their “primary concern is the safety and security of all individuals, including the former president,” and the monitoring of his movements is a “standard procedure” to ensure his wellbeing. As a former head of state, Lungu is entitled to police protection, and this will be carried out “with the utmost respect for his privacy and dignity.”

The police statement further clarified that the security personnel assigned to Lungu are funded by the government, but there may be instances where “additional measures by the police are sometimes necessary to provide adequate protection” during his movements. The police appealed to the public to “understand the role of the police in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of all citizens.”

Addressing Lungu’s concerns about the 25 dockets reportedly opened against him, the police stated that they are merely “following due process in response to formal complaints filed by UPND members in Lusaka.” The police assured the public that they are “acting within the confines of the law and without any political bias.”

The Zambia Police Service reiterated its commitment to serving the public “impartially and professionally,” urging the former president to cooperate with the authorities during daylight hours, as is customary. The public has been called upon to “remain vigilant and support the police in their efforts to preserve the country’s hard-won stability.”

As tensions continue to unfold surrounding the former president’s allegations, the Zambia Police Service has demonstrated its resolve to uphold the principles of democracy and the constitution, while ensuring the safety and security of all citizens, including former President Lungu.

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  1. This immunity thing makes some people think they can misbehave or say anything without consequences.
    Someone needs to account for their careless words!
    Zambians only respect leaders who promote national peace. The only reason ECL lost power in 2021 was violence, even going to the extent of aiding and abetting it.
    His comeback has clearly demonstrated he is unchanged and unrepentant! He is not coming in peace to serve.
    His primary motive for a comeback is self-preservation and revenge.
    He knows the only way to avoid going to jail is by getting power back!
    Now, that is dangerous desperation.
    And Desperate politicians do desperate things!
    That is the reason we have those 25 Dockets that have rattled Mr Snake, thinking he will be fished out at night. Didn’t know he values sleep but he doesn’t want peace!
    We want to know what evil he is planning to abrogate the term of office of his successor!
    The Constitution is very clear when elections in Zambia are due.
    Why does Mr Snake want bola to finish at 60 minutes of play instead of 90?
    Azakambila Kusogolo!
    Ilile Jombo Mwami!
    We want peace and will not entertain violent politicians and their thugs!
    Never again!
    He must

    • Very correct…a leader whose only motive is self preservation and agrandisment is not a public servant. He seeks only himself and those around him. Is that who Zambia is? Those who are around a leader? Zambia is the entire population and its well being…

  2. The police should be more assertive in stead of having to respond to Lungu and his minions propaganda. Get Lungu for interviews to explain himself. This is not the first time Lungu has used this type of language. The police can not be issuing statements to react to statements. That’s for citizens and other stakeholders. Police should and not be scared of condemnation. Lungu is still in the business of paying people to issue statements and condemn others or buying support. What are you waiting for? Lungu won’t stop his behaviour. He has nothing to lose and more to gain from his mischief. He will get embodied and double down because that’s how he operates. Get him now, so that the entire family can continue supporting each other at court appearances. Remember his actions to have his wife released on bond.


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