Zambia Records Maize Bumper Harvest- Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo


Zambia Records Maize Bumper Harvest

NAIS) ZAMBIA has recorded a maize bumper harvest of over 3.2 million metric tonnes in the 2022/2023 farming season.

Agriculture Minister, REUBEN MTOLO has revealed that the total stock of maize available in this marketing season is 3.7 million metric tonnes.

Mr. MTOLO says as of May 1 2023, the total carryover stock held by farmers, millers, grain traders and the Food Reserve Agency –FRA- was 451,000 metric tonnes.

Speaking when he announced the Crop Forecast Survey for 2022-2023 Agricultural season, the Minister said the country is food secure and will remain as such for the next year to come.

Meanwhile, Zambia Statistics Agency, Statistician General MULENGA MUSEPA has attributed the increase in production to improved farming methodologies.


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