Zambia Should Not Allow Exposing Of Bush Politics To The Delegates Coming To Zambia For The Democracy Summit

Stembridge Sikalundu
Stembridge Sikalundu


By Stembridge Sikalundu

Let the UPND government broadcast on all the private and national media all the clips when PF was in action to brutalise zambians in comparison to the democracy they are complaining about which is out of politics of stupidity , let the delegates at the summit watch what the PF party did for seven (07) years on the zambian people before removing them from power , just before the summit is officially opened .

PF leaders are the least politically confused people who should not have forgotten how they took away Democratic values from the people of this country , instead of being greatful of what president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has done since taking control of the country , in my view PF members are taking it foolish that Zambia is under the UPND government , who knew multi party politics would return to this normalcy ?, seeing them wanting to demonstrate is not only poised to create Political mileage , but to exhibit inferior politics in this country a d the entire globe , all the world leaders know what PF owes unforgivable appologiese to the people of this country , in fact if they want democracy taken away from them as a political party that is easy because the orgsnisation does not deserve to exist , let them know and feel it so that they can be demonstrating for the true things .

It is not long ago when we saw BOWMAN LUSAMBO with a placard screaming at the diplomats saying he was a member of Parliament expressing his right against persecution on corruption .

This is the nonsense am trying to highlight , which seemingly is growing under the disguise of a political organization .

We have seen a lot of intentions by the opposition leaders to draw attention on some useless domestic politics , it is undeniable the UPND has built the lost confidence to the international community and other would be investors to this country .

We have not forgotten how the world bank reported the externalizing of Aid funds to offshore accounts by the past regime .This has not settled well because the objective by the UPND govt is to improve the lives of citizens at all costs .

When foreign leaders come to this country , it is not time to expose politics of mediocrity , why should the opposition consider the visit of the US vice president an opportunity for exposing ” malabishi ” , politics of stupidity we detest in this country .

We have not forgotten when this country was visited by EDOGAN the Turkish president who was embarrassingly asked to help pay the national debt .

We had a situation where the two diplomats were expelled from this country for revealing corruption in government t and the smuggling of natural resources from this country when the EIA report was published . A passive government that was feared to mortgaging the future of this country should not stand the tall .

Our international relations in the country were constrained by the bad face of national mismanagement of our country’s resources . The FIC reports of 2017 /18 clearly stated who was stealing funds in the PF government .What morality does GIVEN LUBINDA have to order a protest when he also has to clear his name from the courts of law .

Why are the PF leaders who were bullies to the diplomats and the international community seeking attention now ? , The UPND government should not allow these opposition leaders who think they can damage the new reputation by the UPND to create relevance ,when this country was left in a mess . They think the foreign partners don’t know what the PF did to this country , street politics has a lot of unmerited reasoning at all times .


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