By Pilato

You can learn the virtues of a man by analysing the virtues of those that oppose them. It is also said that if you want to know a person, look at their friends.

The news that Dr. Kambwili has resigned from his NDC and going by his recent dancing style, he is probably heading back to the PF must remind the young people of this country that the liberation of this country is dependent upon them.

There is a reason why God did not ask Pharoah to take the children of Israel to the promised land. He knew that going to the promised land was not in the best interest of Pharoah. It benefited Pharaoh when the Israelites were held in Egypt. The youths of this country, I do want to remind you that it is you that will have to take yourself to the promised land. If you are looking for a saviour, it is not President Lungu and it is not the PF. The Patriotic Front is the promised land for many politicians young and old but not the promised land for our country. To belong to the PF means that your businesses will thrive, you will have contracts and deals at every turn.

Dr. Kambwili, Mr. Charles Kakoma and many others are just making business decisions and positioning themselves for more personal profits. They are not driven by any deep conviction of national development but self improvement. We must all agree that the PF has a lot of money and have the power to squeeze out the life anyone and their business at will. Anyone who wants quick money will run to the PF now. Anyone who threatens their stay in power becomes their enemy and they will do anything to destroy that particular individual. Batata ba GBM tried it and he surrendered to save himself and his business.

Ba Kambwili tried it and he surrendered too. Mr. Hichilema is today enduring attacks from all corners not because he is Tonga or because he is in the opposition but simply because his ambition threatens the continued stay in power of the PF. BUT who is the PF? The current PF is a group of men and women with very strong business interests in Zambia.

The current PF is not president Lungu or mama Wina. President Lungu is just a facilitator of transactions for the benefit of these individuals whose interest is not the people of this country. They would want president Lungu to stay in power because he has provided them a conducive environment to exploit the resources of this country with impunity. Zambia today is a safe zone for highly questionable characters, drug dealers, terrorists etc. This country is the Egypt for corrupt individuals and if you have aspirations of a better country, you will have to accept the truth that Pharaoh will not allow you to walk freely to your promised land.

As we get closer to the elections, more people will migrate to the PF not because it’s a party of choice but because they want to position themselves for personal profit. The money that should be invested in the government structures and systems is ending up in people’s pockets. We will continue to see students at CBU, UNZA etc getting bricks of money even when the same institutions are under funded.

Young person remember, your future is rooted in your present. The decisions being made today by the current crop of our leaders will influence the character of the future of this country. If we invest in cadres instead of schools, what future are we creating? If we turn our democracy into a money dishing out contest instead of ideas, what future are we creating? Dr. Kambwili is a businessman who uses politics to make money but he is not the only one. If we are to save this country and the integrity of it’s people, we would need more than just a group of conmen and con women who guided not by virtue but by personal greed. They view our poverty as as commodity which they sale to their friends with money. They auction our ignorance in exchange for more dollars.


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