Zambia will only heal when UPND is removed from power- Kalaba

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

Zambia will only heal when UPND is removed from power- Kalaba

itizens First (CF) president Harry Kalaba has accused the UPND of being a violate political party.

And Kalaba said Zambia will only be healed when the UPND is taken out of power because they have not come to reconcile the nation, but to divide it.

Meanwhile, sports minister Elvis Nkandu has refuted Kalaba’s allegations that he and his supporters engaged in violence and deflated tyres to his vehicle.

Speaking to Daily Revelation, Kalaba said UPND practices politics of vengeance, hatred and violence.

“As you know UPND is a violent party. Very violent. But whoever thought UPND would be different surprises me.

The politics that UPND knows are politics of vengeance, politics of hatred, politics of violence,” he said.

“Zambia will only be…


  1. Zambia has already healed from your stupidity, you Kalaba cannot distance yourself from stupidity, tribalism and racialism. We all know and saw how you behaved when you were backing your fellow thief for illegal PF presidency and insulted Guy Scott.

    All the misery that was brought upon Zambians under PF is blood on your tribalist and racialist bread resemblance head. STUPID IDIOT.

  2. Bakalaba sure are you Zambia or you are just a citizen like me? Please please please Zambia is already healed from you and your fellow PF members who were acting like terrorists in our country , you did a lot of harm to the citizens of our beloved country. You should stop this kind of talking forthwith and let our country have a rest with bally as president , “do you understand?”


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