Edwin Lifwekelo
Edwin Lifwekelo


Lusaka, Thursday, 9th November 2023

The recent suspension of 20 members of the Zambian National Assembly is a worrying sign, potentially indicating a drift towards a more authoritarian regime within our country. Each suspension, lasting for 30 days, has ignited debates and bitterness, raising questions about the motives behind these drastic measures.

What were their offenses? Was it due to their call for the impeachment of the first Speaker, Nelly Mutti, or is there something more concealed beneath the surface? Regardless of the motivation, this situation is unacceptable, casting suspicion on potential political agendas or hidden intentions.

This move is strategic, aiming to stifle dissent or opposition within the National Assembly, which undermines the core principles of democratic governance.

The targeted MPs took a firm stance by calling for the impeachment of a high-ranking official, potentially indicating a division within the government or a challenge to established power structures. These actions and subsequent suspensions question the commitment to upholding democratic values such as freedom of speech, political dissent, and the right to hold those in power accountable.

This situation poses a serious threat to Zambia’s democratic process. Suspending elected officials for expressing their opinions or carrying out their duties within the confines of the law undermines the principles of fair representation and accountability. It sets a troubling precedent that could significantly impact the country’s democratic future.

Protecting the rights of elected officials to express their views and fulfill their responsibilities without fear of retaliation is crucial for Zambia’s democracy. The actions of the National Assembly raise concerns about potential power abuse and the suppression of legitimate political dissent.

As the country reaches a critical juncture, it’s vital for citizens and global observers to closely monitor the situation to ensure the adherence to democratic norms and values. Zambia’s democracy stands at a crossroads, and the handling of this suspension case will undoubtedly shape the country’s democratic path. The hope is for a fair and just resolution that upholds the democratic principles on which the nation’s governance is founded.


Edwin Lifwekelo
Patriotic Front Media Director


  1. Lifeekelo Edwin and PF are supposed to be the last ones to talk about Zambian Democracy.Look inward and tell us if f your party is practicing the ideas you complain about. In 2021 PF got nomination fees from its members wishing to stand as MCCs and ended up failing to hold any elections at all. In 2023 PF got K200,000 from members wishing to contest the position of party president and ended up failing to hold the convention altogether. Mr Edwin which democracy are you talking about? You resurrect a person from retirement to shadow party president, your internal party structures are all illegally in office as they are time bad having exceeded the stipulated time limit of three years as required by your own Constitution.Which democracy are you talking about Edwin?

  2. PF does not practise the democracy it talks about so much. All it’s top leadership are appointed not elected.

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

    Our democracy is on the mend after being ravaged by the shameless PF during their brutal rule.


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