A wedding after party in Phoenix, Durban was cut shot after the groom was caught bonking his new mother in law in the backyard.

The incident has become a major talking point in Phoenix Unit 8. Rajesh, the groom, married Trina at a lavish ceremony in leafy Umhlanga.

After the wedding, the wedding reception was conducted at Trina’s house in Phoenix.

It was during the wedding that Rajesh and his mother in law went to the back yard to engage in some forbidden passion.

The incident was brought to light after one of the family’s nephews recorded the whole scene using his phone and made it public.

The thought of her mother sharing her man was too much for Trina who is reported to have fainted.

Rajesh himself had to escape the wrath of the family who wanted to beat up. Further investigations revealed that the two had been having their illicit affair for over three months and had no plan of stopping.

After the embarrassing incident, it is believed Trina filed for divorce and has not seen her mother since.


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