Zambian MMA fighter defeats opponent in three minutes


Zambian MMA fighter defeats opponent in three minutes

HUMPHREY Mulenga’s eyes were undistracted by anything as he focused on his Arabian opponent and gave him a hell of a mother to naughty son spanking in the octagon to win the fight by ground and pounding.

It was clear enough that the young Zambian fighter had one target when he entered the octagon which was to completely dominate, as Salah Al-Din did not see what hit him when Mulenga ran over him like a train in the train tracks to complete the journey in three minutes.

Mulenga recorded the win at United Arab Emirates Warriors Mixed Martial Arts in three minutes last night, barely a Month since compatriot Greg Maluma won the South African MMA Championship.

Mixed Martial Arts Zambia President Benjamin Bush was impressed with the results stating Mulenga is a demonstration of grassroots sports development in action.

Bush said the young fighter entered Ulemu fight academy under the Ulemu social projects at 15 years old and that was his start in MMA.

“The project itself represents the developmental strategy of MMA Zambia.”

“We are so proud of him and all the teams that have helped him along his path towards achieving his dreams,” said Bush.

By Moses Makwaya



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