Zambian Patriots Will Triumph Over Their Despotic, Arrogant And Ignorant Puppet Hichilema- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


There is more that needs to be done to defend, protect and safeguard our country’s dignity and sovereignty.

We need to stand together and resist the tyranny, oppression and repression that has taken hold in the country today.

This country is on a road to destruction and chaos, and what is clearly needed is a better understanding of, not just Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime’s draconian intentions, but the deliberate silence and complicit acts of Mr Hichilema’s puppet masters like US, Britain and the European Union.

Therefore, comprehending and understanding the deliberate intentions to destroy our country by both Mr Hichilema and his puppet masters is the first step to redeem ourselves. We say this because at rate we are going and when one critically analyses the reckless destruction of our institutions of governance such as the judiciary, legislature and many others, by this regime, it’s clear that Zambia is thirsty for another wave of liberation from this intolerant, repressive and corrupt regime and its puppet masters.

And we must by all means necessary come together and take the necessary steps to restore order, stability and democracy in our country. Particularly, that we have all witnessed how the silence of the West is fueling further abuse and violations of human rights, interference with state systems like the courts and the police, and general lack of respect for the rule of law by this corrupt puppet regime.

As all this is taking place, the enthusiasm from the West that has always greeted our nation and others whenever similar abuses occur is missing. Why?

Well, it is because the West is complicit in the destruction of our multiparty democracy and our country by Mr Hichilema. To them, we are just another African country and they don’t care or mind how we end up. Even if Zambia is set on fire through Mr Hichilema’s careless actions, they don’t care, so long as their puppet remains in charge and enables to get whatever they want in terms of our natural resources and can set up their AFRICOM facilities without impediments. This is exactly how the West has created wars and destroyed countries before. It’s through unpatriotic and irresponsible puppet leaders like Mr Hichilema.

No doubt, the West is propping up Mr Hichilema as the new leader to protect and advance Western imperialism and its interests in our country, our region and our continent. That is why they’re cannot prevent the abuses, protect human rights or call- out Mr Hichilema for his excesses, violations and dictatorial tendencies.

In short, the West is happy and sees nothing wrong with what is happening in Zambia today. They see nothing wrong with the wanton destruction of our democracy and the destruction of the country in which we live in.

No wonder they can afford to watch the unprecedented incidents like what we witnessed in Parliament yesterday with a smile because to them, we are just Africans! We mean nothing and will always amount to nothing.

But this will not be allowed to continue. Whilst they can tolerate Mr Hichilema, the Zambian people can’t tolerate him and his brutal and bovine behaviour.

Let them know that this dictatorship they’re trying to instal in this country will not work. It will backfire badly.

Ours is not a nation that was established, built and sustained through puppetry and Western stoogeism.

We are a country and a people that have always believed that we are our own liberators and have never had any doubt about our own ability and destiny.

They can plan and attempt to execute their dreams but they must know that their intentions will never be fulfilled. Zambia is never short of brave, capable and determined citizens to defend it like our Ngoni ancestors did from December 1987 to February 4, 1898. They must know that Mr Hichilema will be democratically defeated and shamed together with his puppet masters by the people of this country.

This regime will regret the consequences of its present actions and wish they never ruled this country.

No matter what they do, who kill, try to exclude Zambian patriots will triumph over their despotic, arrogant and ignorant puppet Hichilema.

Mark our words!

Aluta Continua!

Victoria acerta!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Which patriots is Fred M’membe talking about? The ones who looted public coffers when they had a chance to serve their country? 400,000 US dollars in cool cash which was entrusted to a relative for safe-keeping instead of a bank account for someone not banned from holding a bank account and actually has one. These are the patriots in Zambia.

  2. Mr Africom fuledi. You call yourself a patriot when you refused to pay taxes and failed to remit statutory obligations for your should be the last person to be on top of the mountain shouting dictatorship. You want to break the law with impunity and get away with it, that will not happen under the new dawn. Zambia is not a banana republic. Law shall be maintained. You expect the west to speak out against bally, the same west you disparage every single day, now you need them aahhh you are very sick in your head.

    • That’s correct, Substance. Fred M’membe insults people in one breath and turns around to try and influence them in another. Why should people you’re insulting listen to you. There’s a big problem in the Socialist Party if they are unable to recognise their leader’s failings. He had a troubled childhood. It was not his fault but it ruined his personality.

  3. When the children who are not yet born are 99 years old, probably then the ghost of Membe will be president in the country of wizards and witches. STUPID IDIOT.

  4. Just in case Membe is so dull not to access news, the US embassy has spoken something on the basis of what some quasi CSOs but in reality unpopular political parties vomited a week or so ago.

    What the normal Zambians cannot understand is how the democratic space can be claimed to have shrunk just because criminal elements disguising themselves as opposition leaders are arrested and called to account for their criminality.

    Are Mulyokela, Kalaba, Pule, Kateka, Msoni, Chanda and their likes not opposition leaders? Why have they never been arrested? Is it not clear that only those idiots purporting to be leaders yet always on the wrong side of the law are arrested and are the ones shouting “wolf, wolf!”? STUPID IDIOTS.

  5. The poisonous venom detected at one HH by opposition parties and their leaders is personal and has nothing to do with governing! The decision by the majority of the Zambian voters to elect HH has not seen a single day that HH has had praise from the opposution leaders on anything but insults and mostly unsubstantiated criticism from day one of taking office! Yes! Blasphemy aside HH can be likened to Jesus and political and religious leaders of his time where the unified noise was to rid Jesus and his mission to correct the wrongs of the then status quo!

  6. So by patriots mmembe means himself.This man is a joke him democracy is only democracy when it suits
    He is a fan of the human right violations in Zimbabwe but calls HH a despot and dictator and all sort of names.
    What a joke and he is the last one people can even consider as president maybe muliokela is even got a


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