H.E President Hakainde Hichilema


Zambian President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema pays off all the retirees, Council and Tazara workers, increases salaries for civil servants by 12%, implements free education from primary to secondary, pays farmers, increases Constituency development fund from K1.6 million Kwacha to K25.7 million and this money has been already released.

The UPND ADMINISTRATION is also set to recruit over 30000 teachers and 11000 health workers. The recruitment exercise is a 2022 plan only. Meaning in the second year of 2023, the New Dawn Administration will make insane positive strides that will joyously shock everyone because no government in Zambia or indeed in Africa has crazily performed like the one in Zambia in just months of being in office.

HH has done more than we have mentioned in just four months in office since he was sworn in on the 24th August 2021.

We will closely monitor developments in Zambia and we will keep the world posted on the handsome performance of this Zambian president.

Kudos to HH7


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