Gilbert Liswaniso

Statement for immediate release by Gilbert Liswaniso, UPND Deputy National Youth Chairman



We sincerely salute artist B Flow and others that are taking a common stand against PF intimidation and stifling of fundamental freedoms especially of expression, association and a free press. This is what we in the UPND have gone through the past 9 years of PF misrule. We cried out to Zambians that the PF was an evil monster that would one day consume everyone and thereafter engage in self cannibalism like a cricket, we were laughed at and called bitter, losers and cry babies.

How could we have been cry babies by complaining that PF thugs had attacked mourners at Leopards Hill Memorial Park Cemetery, leaving many severely injured with one losing an arm and another an eye? How could we have been whining when our youths Glazier Mutapa, Mapenzi Chibulo, Alfred Banda were all brutally murdered in cold blood by PF criminals?

Now they are raiding, threatening and beating up journalists at Radio stations around the country to stop anyone from speaking and those that speak out are told to kneel down and apologise. Apologise to who and for what?

Our advice to the youth like B Flow is to be strong because PF will lure weak souls amongst you with a lot of money inorder to stop you from speaking out. They will infiltrate your ranks with their fake singers and possibly also with violent cadres and then falsely accuse you to have been sent by HH so that they get at him like they have tried to do for a long time. We already know their plans and are far ahead of them.

This dissatisfaction is spontaneously national, and in 2021 it will be all Zambians vs PF. The best all the youth can do now is to obtain NRCs and register as voters and vote Bally as President, inorder that together as all Zambian youths, we bring back sanity and dignity to our Country.

Gilbert Liswaniso
Deputy National Youth Chairman


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