Zambians Are Going To Have To Reconcile Themselves With The Fact That The PF Was An Administration From Hell- Laura Miti


Laura Miti writes…


The party sunk the country to lows previously unimagined. Lawlessness, violence, corruption, reckless debt, abuse of the police, low caliber leaders, abuse of judicial processes, accumulation of unexplained wealth by the connected, hate, tensions, fear – gosh, the list is long!

I can almost swear that the PF, in it’s current formation, if given the chance to rule again, would be exactly insufferable. The leaders do not seem to have learnt too many lessons. They come across as uncouth as ever, and disrespectful of the national ability to think.

That riotous behaviour PF MPs put on display in Parliament was totally unacceptable but very much in the party’s DNA. That’s not to say MPs do not have the right to express unhappiness. But shouting, pointing fingers and flaying arms !

Having accepted that the PF, past or present, is not who we want to be, we are going to have understand that, that very fact means the opposition party cannot be the measure of how we manage ourselves, going forward.

I say this because it is becoming evident that the UPND, in the last while, has been pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in a democratic country.

There are the rather fishy goings on around Miles Sampa. (Yes, totally impossible to prove, but the nose smells what it does, even if the eyes cannot see it.)

Then, there are the endless arrests of opposition members who are denied bond which should be straight forward, given the charge.

As for the police – . Too many of them arresting people that are not resisting.

An arrogant tone is entering the way leaders speak to us.What was that about coincidence, from the Minister of Home Affairs? A PS also disrespected a caller, live on radio.

In short, stuff that President Hichilema and the UPND promised us, is not being fulfilled. As for the President, he has gone quiet on us. He is not explaining why – the suspects should be given bond declaration – is being totally disobeyed.

This is how I see it. The UPND made 2 critical mistakes:

1. They (candidate HH) over promised on the economic front, while campaigning. A combination of our mountain of debt, and world downturn of the economy, has subsequently made many of the promises sound like pie in the sky. Life is hard for Zambians.

Now, I will say, again, that I believe that, economically, we are lucky to have UPND in power. They are economically astute. Give the current world economy and debt conditions to any other current political party, and we would be much worse off – to understate it.

That, however, does not assuage the critical hunger in poor homes and the bigger hole in pockets of the middle classes.

Faced with that situation, the UPND has incredibly failed to have the necessary conversation with citizens that says – yes, we thought we could make things easier quickly, but this is where we are.

2. This next idea is one I picked from a UNZA lecturer, in a recent meeting. I thought it made lots of sense, so I will repeat it.

Having to deal with an increasingly restless citizenry on the economic front, the UPND weak communication function (which admittedly has improved since Minister Mweetwa took over) lost the propaganda war to PF.

Like UPND before it, PF is taking the license of opposition to paint government negligent, even when they know it’s not true. They do it loudly and effectively.

Rather than use the massive communication powers at government’s disposal, to fight back on that propaganda turf, the UPND has, amazingly to me, chosen to take steps backward on the area in which it was doing very well – the democratic space.

It’s like watching a student who is very good at math, but is criticised for their bad grammar. In response, they begin to neglect the math and get poor marks, instead of improving on the English. Haaw!

Anyhow, let me end by saying we Zambians must not, as we are doing now, forgive UPND excesses against PF, because we believe they deserve it. A test of their own medicine, is a term I hear a lot.

The democracy is ours. Allowing UPND to implement openly undemocratic, vengeful actions on PF, because it’s PF after all, is exactly what the English proverb my mother liked to quote warns against – cutting off your nose to spite (punish) your face.

UPND should be held to account for everything it does. You see, what the ruling party does, to who they think is their enemy, will, if allowed to grow, end up at the doorsteps of ordinary citizens.

Zambia is ours. We must protect her democracy. It does not belong to any political party.


  1. Ba Laura brilliant as usual. As for me sis UPND lacks a political strategist it baffles me they act amateurish actually in the end making the foolish PF looters savages and hooligans look like saints.
    The current economic crisis is complex made worse by the fact the debt restructuring is not complete.
    It’s this PF itself that failed to handle the debt and are celebrating that its got hurdles.strange.
    The UPND must thing through certain political decisions as regards their opponents before they act.some times they do exactly what PF wants them to do.
    Which makes me wounder is their a political strategist in UPND??

    • UPND are just conmen with an agenda not compatible to voters, but their wallets and foreign white masters.

      Me (zed english) I saw them for what they are shortly after they got elected.

      Yes they have really made PF look like saints, and people are against the injustice oppostion parties are facing. Voters know that once Hakainde is done with PF, they are next. It is as if high cost of living is not enough punishment.

  2. 2026 is not time to go back to PF or UPND!
    Let the dead rest in peace!
    2026 is not the time to vote in recycled politicians who have failed us!
    Zambia is not short of leaders!
    Let the search start now!
    Why don’t we give chance to the women to lead the country?
    So, through you Laura, get together with NGOCC and Chapter One Foundation and get us a Female candidate for 2026!
    Testosterone has failed the nation!

  3. Well said Laura. The problem in UPND started with a misplaced appointment of minster of information Kasanda. That gave PF bandits unrestrained 2 years of propaganda and manufacturing of fake news and forging government documents without being countered. By the time Kasanda was removed PF had already tested the limits and were eager to take risks and claim persecution. I disagree on one aspect of giving bond to people wilfully breaking the law. When one is arrested for the first time they qualify to be given police bond or bail. However, if they want to be perpetual law breakers they are welcome to stay behind bars. That’s what happens in the first world. Our democracy hasn’t developed to reach a point where politicians have a limit on what they can say or can’t say, forge or access government documents illegally. It’s a very serious offence that can send someone to prison for a very long time and end their political careers. We need laws prescribed like that so the police resources can be utilised in areas where they are required. As for Lungu he has not changed a bit. Because he has no capacity to string even a single reasonable sentence, he goes what his hung on say. He has no capacity to say no. Remember after losing elections what he said. “My friends where advising me not to handover power” On another issue I don’t understand what you mean by the government getting involved in PF matters. You must remember there was a vacuum and vacant position in PF for president for over 2 years. Officially Lungu had resigned, and PF asked those who wanted to contest for the position to pay K200k which apparently 8 candidates paid and where looking forward to the conversion. How many times was it cancelled? In the meantime Sampa had taken Lubinda, and the acting secretary to court for masquerading as PF leaders because after Lungu had resigned, he had no powers to appoint anyone to any position as per PF constitution. If Lungu had resigned he cannot be on the leadership list. And when scrutinise the list will note the discrepancies that can not be explained. How did Lungu become a PF president? Sampa actually did better than Lungu because there was no High court Judge who had to wake up at 02:00 hrs. Lubinda & Nakacinda had obtained an injucntion on Sampa. Once the injunction was lifted Sampa had assumed the presidency and forced Lungu to come out of retirement. We should not change facts because of our feelings towards certain individuals. If we start conducting ourselves in that way then we are condoning lawlessness.

  4. PF was a disaster for our country and their misrule will reverberate down generations to come. The damage they did to the national moral fabric was immense. They made insults on social media a standard staple of their communication.

    The economic mismanagent was beyond the pale. Their appetite for corruption and raiding the treasury was insatiable. They turned Zambia into a looters’ paradise. Even granting themselves immunity against prosecution for their theft.

    PF is a huge criminal enterprise.


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