Zambians Are Resolved To Vote Out HH In 2026 – Stephen Chungu

Stephen Chungu


….says Zambians will vote out the UPND administration because it has failed to Govern

Luanshya, January, Saturday 27, 2024

Former Government Chief Whip in the Patriotic Front (PF) regime Stephen Chungu says the people of Zambia have resolved to vote out President Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND Government in the 2026 General Elections.

Mr. Chungu, the former Luanshya Member of Parliament, said Zambians will vote out the UPND administration because it has failed to govern the nation accordingly.

He cited the high cost of living, unemployment, high fuel prices, mealie meal crisis and declining democratic space as failures of the UPND regime.

Mr. Chungu said all the UPND strategies that include the ten-point plan, the calculator, the graphs and ‘increasing in order to reduce’ plan have failed.

“Assessing the UPND Government, I would quickly say it has failed in many areas because nothing has come to fruition from the many promises they had made. There was a time the UPND told Zambians that they would be buying a mealie meal at K50 and that we were going to buy fuel at K12 per litre and that the dollar was going to sell at a single rate. That promise of the Kwacha gaining from 10:00 hours to 14:00 hours I don’t know when it will come to fruition. Maybe the clocks on the walls have all gone off. They said they were not going to be travelling when there is a crisis but we have seen the President traveling all over even when there is a crisis like we have cholera at the moment,” Mr. Chungu said from Luanshya.

He has since advised opposition political parties to unite and field one presidential candidate in 2026 to dislodge the New Dawn Government, a regime he branded as a common enemy for all Zambians.

“Zambia is never short of leaders, even now we have leaders that are vying for these positions but they are being squeezed by the current Government. If the Zambian people have to decide I know for sure that they will make a decision and they have already made a decision, which I can tell you. The decision that they have made is to remove the UPND, though they have not placed their vote on any other party as at now, their vote is hanging, the sympathetic vote that made UNPD go into Government is still hanging.”

“The UPND must be aware now and I am telling them that the decision has already been made by the Zambian people who are just waiting for the time of voting to come. Zambians are very peaceful people. They are waiting for 12th August 2026 to go and vote against the UPND, that decision has already been arrived at whether the UPND like it or not UPND is on its way out. It is a fact because the Zambian people have already decided,” Mr. Chungu said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chungu has declared that he is ready to serve the people of Luanshya Constituency again.


  1. You are dreaming Chungu. PF is gone forever!!!! No more thieves are dull cadres!!!! HH may have failed yes but there are NO CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVES so I will vote for him unless one comes around before 2026.

  2. Whatever medication this monkey is on is now not working. They need to increase the dose from from 200 to 400 mls. The guy is seriously sick.
    If they voted HH out, who will be their alternative?
    Get well soon Chungu. Yours is a serious sickness sir. There is treatment for it but there is no cure, so just remember that!

  3. Which Zambians are you talking about,
    1. Are you talking about the ones who were gassed and the ones who lost their relatives or loved ones during PIEF gassing?
    2. Are you talking of the youths whom you said are disgrunted and you can break their bones
    3. Which Zambians now, the ones who were not employed and are now employed and their families are happy about them being employed?
    4. Which Zambians now, the ones who were harrased, insulted and beated by PIEF cadres?
    5 Which Zambians now, the ones who were segregated based on their place of origin snd tribe
    6. Which Zambians, the ones who lost their family members who were killed in cold blood by PIEF gun trotting cadres who includes NSAMA NSAMA, JOSEPH KAUNDA to mention but a few.
    7. Which Zamvbans now, the ones who have their children being paid for at secondary government boarding schools, skills training programs, and barsaries at most public universities?
    8. Which Zambians now, the ones who are making uniforms and parents can buy from any tailor than a motopolised teachers in just schools to buy uniforms?
    9. Which Zambians now, the ones benefiting from the increased CDF developmental projects or which one, you PIEF of meno meno.

  4. Where is this fool coming from? Which Zambians is he hallucinating about? Where did they meet to make such a resolution? Maybe he has just forgotten, it was a dream, or do we have another Zambia apart from this one we know? These days you never know, you may think you have one country and yet there is another one. He is even saying that people have resolved to remove but have not settled on anyone for his replacement. So which sane Zambian can rush into a resolution of removing HH before a replacement is found or known? The gentleman is a full time, time waster and should be left hallucinating and dreaming alone. HH is still the best leader for. Zambia and so far he has made a lot of successes. Unless you are saying stopping caderrism, stealing government money, burning markets and gassing of people is a failure, then it’s true HH has failed. But for normal well meaning Zambians, HH has done a lot and is still doing a lot in transforming the economy of this country which the previous Administration had completely run down. Come 2026, ni futi na futi and he will remain enjoying his dreams. Even the people of Luanshya, I doubt if they can vote for him because he is already showing them them that he has nothing to offer. Removing HH cannot bring any development.

  5. Don’t say Zambians when you mean PF!
    Much as UPND are political novices, at least we have some relative peace and civility in the nation! Much as the cost of living is in forward gear, it’s a global phenomenon! Those of us who travel a lot will tell you that things are getting expensive everywhere!
    For example, Zambians are complaining when Mealie meal is selling at K400. In DRC, the cost is over K1,000! This is the reason smuggling is getting worse! Mealie meal has become Gold!
    For us farmers, we are still smiling from the profits from our last farming season!
    Solution is in the soil!
    Grow your own food!
    Don’t forget that Malawians are buying fuel at K54 per liter and we are complaining when our fuel is only K30?
    Yes times are getting harder, and they will continue getting worse regardless of whom you elect!
    But it’s better to have peace and civility in an expensive economy than the other way round!
    Bringing back PF is walking majestically into the den of criminals!
    PF under ECL is a Criminal organization!
    Even if hunger makes us desperate, we should never find ourselves going back to our vomit! Only Dogs do that!

  6. Vote out HH and replace him with who?

    We all agree that the economy is biting, but that is not to say we want PF back, boooo!!!

    PF back? To come and do what?

  7. Every government needs a crisis to test its resolve to steer the ship of state. The UPND has encountered new crises while in office and these are a good test for them. Perhaps luckily for them, the crises have come before the next election and that gives them a chance to resolve them before facing the voters again.

  8. Given the current crop of opposition leaders, I would still vote for HH any day.

    Yes, the economy is biting but the environment is more predictable and conducive for people to excel than under PF.

    HH is well on his way to becoming the best president Zambia has ever had. Of course, the slot for the worst president ever belongs to Mr. Lungu who Mr. Chingu and his crowd want to bring back.

    HH is a man of integrity and he cares about our country. Mr. Lungu was just the opposite, a disaster.


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