Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

Zambians are sick and tired of PF unending graft in government

We urge the PF government to clean up the corruption tag and the thieving image haunting government as the emerging portrait of this government is absolutely shameful and troubling.

Undoubtedly ethics and ethos are absolutely important in the management of government.

We think that those whose credibility and conduct in public service has been questioned and whose behaviour is contrary and inimical to public interest must now step aside to allow the law enforcement agencies to carry out thorough investigations.

It certainly beats the course of justice for individuals accused of impropriety to be seen at the centre of government continuing to function normally and receiving donations undeterred. This is lawlessness of the highest order and cannot reasonably be expected to continue.

In the circumstances this conduct similarly questions the judgment and the competence of the appointing authority for tolerating wrongdoing in government.

We think that criminality in the PF government has escalated to unacceptable level and is undoubtedly jeopardising the broader public interest of our people in accessing international humanitarian assistance.

We insist that President Lungu must now act in the overwhelming interest of our people and ask those whose conduct in public service is contrary to public interest to resign on moral grounds and also to give law enforcement agencies a free hand to carry out thorough investigations.

We think that it is prudent to ask the corruption ridden government to spare the country from any further international embarrassment by undergoing an internal self cleansing process to weed out bad elements taking advantage of the weak financial controls in the system to siphon public resources for personal aggrandisement.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC


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