George Mtonga


George Mtonga

The idea that my commentary ignores the suffering of Zambian is unfounded. Before HH was elected, I communicated that you all will be the sacrificial lamb that will experience the pain of healing. To borrow money and default is not something that should be taken lightly, creditors will come and collect their money. And in that process you will be left with nothing.

So no I’m not aloof to the suffering, not only I’m I not aloof I forecasted this reality and I keep on telling you nothing HH does will make your life in the short term better. Everything is about restoring things back to factory default. You will be lucky if we can get you to a lifestyle that you had in 2011 with a balance sheet that had no loans.

Simply put, as far as I’m concerned you are on your own and the pain is not even done. The creditors that we have negotiated with will start calling for their payments. This hasnt happened yet and will happen because you borrowed money from the private sector that are not behold to debt forgiveness. For God’s sake Black Rock holds some of our debt.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m acutely aware of the suffering going on in Zambia, and it will get worse, and there is nothing anyone can do beyond attempting to fix for the future and sacrifice you for a better Zambia for your children.

This is the price you have to pay for the decisions you made that brought in the leaders you selected.

In this process, you will get to understand that the selecting of a leader is not something that should be taken lightly. This is why my support of UPND is a combination of communicating good job just as much as i will communicate a bad job. HH has the greatest effect on our children therefore we watch everything he does or doesn’t do.


  1. Well explained sir . They chose someone without a vision and he ran the country to the ground. You see most zambians lack wisdom and foresight compounded with a lack of grey matter . They use their stomachs to think and are aloof to the bigger picture. HH is all about long term solutions but zambians will not hear that nooo, they want immediate results which is not possible. If they do not do something at an individual level then suffering will never leave their homes. Be productive then the country will grow but if you spend the whole month complaining wasting precious time don’t expect your life to improve. No more tantameni.

  2. Long term solution by selling even the little 20% which Zambians held under ZCCM-IH and tax holidays to owners of the mines who are multi nationals? This guy is a businessman who is all out to loot. Simple.

    • I agree. He is just another conman whose supporters think is their messiah.

      Those of us that see through clear lenses can see him for what he is.


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