Zambians Lost The Character Of Sympathy For Pf A Long Time And Those Being Arrested Must Know



By Stembridge Sikalundu

Let’s see the most courageous come up and defend the PF party , we warned the opposition not to collude with the former ruling party leaders in creating motives to fight president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’S personally as a way to unpopularise the UPND govt . This silence by PF leaders and their members in all the media groups should remind those in charge of security around the president to invest more , PF members are elusive and they can turn evil because there are no options left , they know they have been hooked by the neck and the party is presumed dead and will never resurrect again .

After sympathizing with some people to govern this country almost led to the mortgaging of this nation due to careless borrowing and lack of economic management abilities , zambians were being inculcated to believe resolving the economic crisis required zambians to use prayers in the churches , many will recall when zambians were told to pray for the failed economy by the same plunderers , the nation is still faced with the life challenges because of how to restructure the unsustainable debt crisis . State resources were being shared like maize fields . It is very important to know why PF members of Parliament should retain their seats in 2026 when people in the constituencies now can see the damage they did to the country , of course we need the opposition in Parliament but their character is compromised for leadership purposes in this country . The UPND party should never associate with PF radicals , because the two Political parties have two different DNA .

We have seen these arrests and many properties that are being siezed , let’s be very careful to understand the cases these people are being charged for , terrorism for example , is it president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA who designed the law not to issue a bail for such a case ? , forgery of high profile letters that were seen in public domain ,should zambians sympathise with someone because of good spoken English or for being public persons ignoring the crimes these people have committed ? . We have seen properties that are being siezed worth million of dollars stolen from the zambian people .

They want sympathy from the zambian people ,we have not forgotten what sympathy did to us in Zambia since 2015 , the nation is in this crisis by the same people that are seeking for public sympathy because the law is being applied against them , who is going to use sympathy on people that are not leaders , people that can smile and ruthlessly harm . We lost lives of innocent citizens that should have been with us to see why the struggle was inevitable , assailants were kept in hiding outside the country enjoying Tax payers money while being protected by supreme powers . All the political manuevers have failed to materialize , let’s be very careful with these people in the country ., The last options may be dangerous , if gassing on the same people governed shocked the world .

Who in Zambia is going to remain praising former leaders of this country if at all they were ? , we have some PF members of Parliament who were not in govt then , it is better they contest as independent members of Parliament , than using the PF party name again because the name of this orgsnisation is symbolic of mafias that ravaged this country with impunity . God bless mother Zambia .



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