Kasonde Mwenda
Kasonde Mwenda


  • Kasonde Mwenda C -EFF President

Our problem is not ‘DEBT’ but poor governance and lack of patriotic and innovative thinking by leaders we put in office. Unfortunately most of our leaders just go in to steal and serve their personal interest that’s why they ALL NEVER fail to get RICH individually just a year in power like we are seeing them all owning MINES while Zambia gets poorer.

The way to solve our debt problem is to focus on restructuring it bilaterally/direct with the lenders not wasting time on IMF trial programs such as G20 framework which has not worked anywhere but HH spent 2 years lecturing us how IMF of today is different and how it will solve all our problems. Well, now we can see that he didn’t know what he was talking about as our economy keeps worsening with an inflation of over 14%, a failed currency at K27 to a dollar and a punishing cost of living with mealie meal at K350, and a record high fuel prices at K30 per liter for petrol.

Secondly, we need to move away from Western or China dependence, we need to build our own capacity and we already have a starting point in our mineral resources. It’s regrettable that we have failed to leverage our mineral resources potential 70 years after independence and we always have to run to IMF or so called investors. We need radical change that will put ownership of resources and productivity in the hands of citizens not what is happening now where we are going backwards as the country sinks deeper in institutionalized Corruption and inequitable exploitation of our resources where foreign entities benefits more that Zambians especially with the tax waivers this government has given them. What we need to do is introduced a well articulated Windfall tax regime and most importantly empower Zambian with ownership of our Mineral resources.

It’s lack of introspective thought to think that we can develop solely by depending on Agriculture because we need money/capital investments to drive profitable agriculture not this visionless CDF / Loans / we are seeing which serves more as political appeasement tools than development tools.

HH and his UPND had an opportunity to turn around this country but alas it is another failed project to condemn us more wondering in the wilderness of poverty and underdevelopment. They have no innovative ideas or patriotic resolve to make bold decisions to put Zambia on a path of Economic Freedom. As long as Zambia continues with such caliber of leadership, the country will just get worse.

Zambia needs innovative thinking, it’s time to raise a news generation of leadership that will leverage and be advisable unlike these criminals masquerading as politicians. As Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF we are coming to eradicate this mediocrity and give power to our people to own their resources and come out of perpetual poverty.

Wherever we want to go our feet will take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C -Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. This clueless kambwangala has no alternative solutions, just busy demonising those who are sorting out the challenges. If there is greed and associated stealing, report the thieves to police.

    If debt wasn’t an issue, we wouldn’t have needed the support of the IMF. The greedy one’s are the one’s who contracted the kaloba and failed to pay even a single installment.

    Part of the solution is tighter scrutiny of debts contracted by government of the day. And investors to hold bank accounts here in Zambia. Both of which current government are doing.

  2. The perception that the mines are our saviour is the kind of myopic thinking that has not taken us anywhere.
    How many countries have the same, if not better mineral quantity/quality as Zambia. Peru has Copper, Congo has Copper. As for Colbolt Congo has a better quantity than Zambia.
    How many investors are there capable of investing in the sector.
    What basis do they use to choose where and how to invest. Is mining like any other sector where you clear, plant, weed and harvest? Mines are unique and highly speculative, let alone very capital intensive. Hence the “carrot effect of the tax breaks” to attract them to come here instead of Peru or anyother that may have similar resources like Zambia. Stable enviroment like Zambia where the risks are lower given the violility of factors of production as well as the market price.
    To mitigate that goverments from Kaunda to this one have been shifting the emphasis from Copper or mineral driven economy to agrian and its associated supply chain as a more stable basis of economic sustainablity for the country. We have a growing youth population will they all work in the mines?
    Mwenda shows they he is another shallow thinking leader, who can not apply himself into mutlivatirate progression but is linear. Having a one track mind. If he even bothers to read, he would have learnt recently that our hype to develop a versatile supply chain with our nieghbours in Congo DR for the electric car batteries has been countered by Mircosoft coming up with a mineral to compete with our plans.
    The world is dynamic and to get ahead you have to creative, dynamic and act decisively. Let lone be astute.
    Zambia isnt Lusaka Ndola Kitwe or Livingstone. Zambia is the population that are looking for a life and opportunity to grow, have a family and have a better life. To do that we need leaders that think, read and provide solutions to the myriad of problems that society faces. Not empty vain attempts to get attention through rethoric.


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