[By Chambwa Moonga in Mongu]

DP president Harry Kalaba has directed the opposition party’s leadership in Western Province to go wide and far in membership recruitment.

On Thursday afternoon, Kalaba opened the Western Province DP office in Mongu’s Imwiko area and handed over the building’s keys to party interim provincial chairman Joseph Nyambe.

He was accompanied in Mongu by DP national women’s chairperson Marjory Mutakwa, deputy national secretary Vincent Chintu and member of the party’s supreme organ, Democratic National Committee (DNC), Phillip Matavu.

“Grow big here in Western Province. We want the DP to be the biggest political party in Western Province. This office we have opened today, I want it to do its work. We want you to ensure that the party grows because the Zambian people are relying on DP,” Kalaba told Nyambe. “Let us demystify the myth of ‘this party is strong here, that one is strong there.’ We want this place to be the strongest for DP and that is why I have come. Bring everybody together, from all walks of life; welcome everybody from all political parties so that this party can be the biggest.”

Kalaba later passed through Mongu central market where hundreds of marketeers cheered him as he bought assorted wares.

He also briefly visited a part of the buzzing market that caught fire on May 19 this year.


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