Charles Mbobela Hi-FIVE Governance watch

It is extremely okay to continuously check on the performance of a government and citizens must be provided an Avenue to display displeasure when they feel let down by the government.

The new dawn has been In office for only 8 months and any person that expected them to fulfill on their KEY promises had expected too much and must manage those expectations .

What is important at this time is to assess if they are creating a foundation for the growth of the country and a foundation for the Zambia we envisioned prio to the 2021 general elections , this must earnestly be answered by all of us .
In zambia , we have an ingrained tendency of talking about what has NOT been done and deliberately leave out what has been done in order to suit our egos , it is misleading to say this Govenment has done absolutely nothing because in as much as they are not getting everything done as expected , they are indeed doing something positive .

As we continue to monitor and reprimand this government for its shortcomings , let us be realistic and very reasonable with them , no one government in history has managed to shape the face of a country and it’s people in 8 months not even at family level because Develoment is not have an event but a process .
Zambians must therefore be highly objective and reason beyond party affiliation and above all manage their expectations in the néw administration.


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