Zambians Should Not Accept To Call Diplomats As Rats By Some Opposition Leaders In The Country

Stembridge Sikalundu
Stembridge Sikalundu


By Stembridge Sikalundu

The credibility of a nation includes good citizenry conduct , how all political leaders conduct themselves within their leadership behavior , with good organisation in the manner their political parties operate in the country . It is unacceptable to call diplomats any names that demean the respect required in accordance with their status .we are a dignified state and our SOVEREIGNTY does not allow our Democratic rights of expressions to be taken to extremes by forgetting that politics is a civic exercise which require humility and remorseful instincts .

It is important to understand that in Zambia today the opposition always get together to agree on what to bring out for public consumption , for example why shouldn’t people be implicated for contempt if they don’t appear before the courts of law ? , why shouldn’t people who looted this country not be arrested ? , why shouldn’t people who were involved in terror acts not be in prisons today and when bail is denied the opposition say zambia today is a police state when the nature of the case by law is not balable ?, it is very likely that they always agree to choose someone from the opposition political parties who must utter or act in a certain way and if it infringes with the law ,they again match to the police or these investigation stations to stage the soliderity we see for public attention .

This is why opposition politics is being governised using the same basket of intended hateful motives , and when the ruling party scores the opposition are beaten to the carpet at once and made impotent . When they want to castigate ambassadors ,they will do the same , sit down and discuss what to say , then choose specific opposition party leaders to say on one thing that has been agreed .We are on record under the previous regime that zambia once expelled two diplomats because of exposing the scandals in govt , we recall the EIA report on the smuggling of MUKULA , the statement from FOOTE who warned zambians that if we were not going to be careful with our country ,the future of zambia was likely going to be mortgaged by the regime .

The diplomats in this country support zambia in many technical areas of need , education health , and other key areas of our economic sectors , it is important to acknowledge them with dignity they deserve , they are not here because of the president we have at any particular time , so hate for the president should not be directed to the diplomats because of the cordial relationship created under this viable vision by the new dawn adminstration .When the style of leadership is attracting investment and possible benefits ,it is not right that poor domestic Political motives get associated to these important international engagements. Zambia is bigger than all of us , let’s be very civil in the manner we engage our diplomats in our political dispensation .

The diplomats are here because of zambians , and zambia as a country is of reputable norms , which have been respected throughout our international relations history , therefore using unpalatable language on behalf of them selves will not only showcase the immature political bitterness there is since change of govt in the country , but the values we canivas in our claim for individual educational classifications must correlate , seeking to be known that you’re equally intending to be presidents of this country with the highest morals and caliber must be preventive of public misconduct . God bless mother Zambia .



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