Zambians silence over “abductions” shocks PF

Kampamba Mulenga
Kampamba Mulenga

Zambians silence over “abductions” shocks PF

THE PF has expressed shock that Zambians and diplomats are silent and minding their own business when members of the former ruling party are being “abducted” everyday.

Lately, the PF has been branding any police arrest of their members as an abduction or state harassment.

On Wednesday evening, Police apprehended PF presidential aspirant Emmanuel Mwamba in Lusaka’s Woodlands area and detained him at Emmasdale Police Station.

Zambia Police Service acting public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi then announced in a brief media statement that Mwamba was in custody but promised to avail details of his detention later.

However, police sources told Kalemba Mwamba had been datained in connection with the the circulation of a forged letter purportedly written by President Hakainde Hichilema and meant of the country’s intelligence chief, Friday Nyambe.

Upon hearing that police officers had apprehended Mwamba, his party comrades mobilised and went on the search for him.

The group led by PF national women’s chairperson Mulenga Kampamba and included Mporokoso member of parliament Brian Mundubile, went to Force Headquarters were Mwamba had been kept briefly before he was taken to Emmasdale Police Station.

There, Kampamba who is also former information minister in the Edgar Lungu regime wondered why the diplomatic community was silent when the country had been rocked by “abductions”.

“What is surprising and questioning is where the International community is during the occurrence of such events, why are they quiet and not speaking for us the people?

“I was once minister of information in this country and I would have the European Union, US Government and several ambassadors approach us at the doorstep of our offices whenever something wrong transpired in the country. But where are they now? Especially that people are now being abducted,” said Mulenga.

She added that the arrest of Mwamba is something that can be grouped as an abduction because the police had not allowed anyone from his family or lawyer to meet him since his arrest.

“Allow Mwamba to speak out because everyone has a right to defend oneself no matter the level of criminality. Allow even Mwamba’s Lawyer to meet him, even during interrogations.

“people is this country are being abducted anyhow and being taken to places they don’t know. This is why we need the international community to come in as an independent operator, this is our appeal, can you begin to speak for us,” said Mulenga.

Mulenga further said that the matter of freedom and justice in the country is not just a concern of being in opposition but that of being a Zambian.

Mwamba’s urged Zambians to wake up from their deep slumber’ and come to the realisation that the country was under captivity.

“Today it may be us at the police station, and tomorrow, it can be anyone else. Let us not just wait for the donor community, even us as Zambians need to stand up and speak for ourselves.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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