Zambians Will Soon Know The Stinking Corruption In Hichilema’s Govt – Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


He writes:

We are not afraid to categorically state that the UPND government of Mr Hichilema is highly corrupt because we speak from our vast experience in investigating, detecting and exposing corruption.

It’s this same experience that has sharpened our ability to articulate these issues and to collect and collate as well as corroborate evidence of complex plunder matrixes.

In fact, it’s on the above premise that we insist that there is absolutely no corruption Mr Hichilema is truly fighting and that the current fight against corruption is nothing but sheer hypocrisy and vengeance all of which serve to conceal current and ongoing, let alone expanding, corruption.

Our position on this matter is well informed and our reputation as journalists and editors with reasonable accounting, economic and legal knowledge of the most well-known – and perhaps the only – investigative newspaper to have existed in Zambia is enough testimony to our credibility in this area.

Therefore, our observations and revelations or exposures to the public are anchored in these credentials supported by an investigative architecture and network which runs through key governmental, business and other institutions – local and international – and which we have built and sustained for over 30 years; and on whose strength we were able to investigate and expose corruption in this country for many years.

That said, my message to the Zambian people is that they must not be under any illusion that they have a decent leadership in place. What the Zambian people must know is that the UPND government of Mr Hichilema is a looting machine and there is stinking grand corruption in fertilizer, mining, oil and so on and so forth. But like I keep saying, it won’t be long before the people know the truth and know this leadership for what it truly is. Watch this space closely!

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


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