Vincent Mwale

June 24, 2021

PF Eastern Province presidential campaign coordinator Vincent Mwale says people will not regret reelecting the PF because the party has set up an agenda of infrastructure development.

In an interview, Mwale who is also former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development said once reelected, the PF would continue with the infrastructure PF can be trusted with infrastructure agenda – Mwale development.

“For me I know the story of PF better, I have been part of government, and part of the whole PF setup. I can tell you that as PF, the infrastructure development we have done is part of the whole agenda and it continues to be part of the agenda. Should we get reelected and I am very confident that we will get re-elected, we will continue where we left everything. We scaled down on some of the projects, due to financial resources, but we did not abandon our agenda of ensuring that the whole country is connected, so that people can have easy access to the markets. So that our teachers don’t refuse to go in rural areas, because rural areas will now be looking like urban areas,” Mwale said.

“We will continue to take power there, we will continue to take good housing, we will continue to take schools, we will continue to take rural health centres and health facilities. This is the agenda of PF and should we get reelected, we will continue with this agenda. We want to make sure that we avoid the rural urban drift, people must stay where they are. When you look at the PF agenda, it actually shows you where we are coming from and where we are going. The summary of it is that we continue on this trajectory.”

Mwale added that the PF government can be trusted in the quest to deliver infrastructure development.

“PF can be trusted in this quest because we have built schools, we have built universities, we have built bridges, Kazungula is one of the examples. Next year with the Japanese government we are doing another bridge like that one. You can see that we can be trusted, we have vested and we can do it. So that is what I can tell you about us. So, trust the PF to continue with this programme and you will not regret,” he said.


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