1. Mabvuto Chipata had to go for being part of the KCM liquidation debacle which has proved costly both to ZCCM-IH and to Zambia. They appointed Milingo Lungu who just messed up the company and has had to resign in disgrace with his career as a lawyer now likely to end prematurely.

  2. Sacking Chipata is long overdue. The man and his former board chairman cannot be separated from Milingo’s criminal proclivities. Moreover, he appointed himself to several board positions in the group in addition to the ZCCM-IH board and CEO job. The man had greed written all over him.

  3. Does he just leave peacefully after so much calamitous decisions made by zccm-lh?

    Aren’t anyone going to be answering for the kcm, Manda palm oil trees investment, or the buying of the tile making company in Lusaka. Wasn’t the state dribbled in these deals and is there anyone to account and take responsibility?

    Mutual consent in peace while one party departs laughing all to the bank


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