ZESCO Fires More Professionals.

Lusaka – 21st April, 2022.

ZESCO Ltd has fired more senior personnel at the utility firm. The affected dismissed officers are from the Procurement Department.

Head of Procurement Unit, Shezzipe Banda Nzovu recommended for the dismissal of the professionals. Mrs. Nzovu says its difficult to help UPND cadres if the old professionals held their positions and manned the Unit.

Shezzipe who is a wife to Minister of Green economy and Environment, Mr. Collins Nzovu, recommended the dismissal of the following, who have since been fired;

1) Matthews Ndlovu – Senior Procurement Manager.
2) Jacob Moonga – Principal Procurement Officer – Kafue Gorge.
3) Japhet Phiri – Senior Procurement Officer.
4) Simwinga Chambuleni – Procurement Officer.

Nzovu has since recruited Felix Munsaka, a well-known Lusaka UPND cadre as Senior Procurement Manager.

Since her arrival, Nzovu has made controversial purchases such as the 21 luxury Toyota Landcruisers 4×4 Vehicles for Directors and the recent procurement of 40,000 wooden poles worth over $30m from Zimbabwean and South African companies.

The Procurement Unit is now like a UPND branch meeting as Munsaka brings his drinking mates to the office advising them how to apply and get tenders from ZESCO.

ZESCO MD, Victor Mapani, has encouraged his newly recruited directors to purge “PF cadres” and replace them with UPND cadres. Recently, Mapani led the way and fired over 40 Directors and Senior Managers.

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