ZESCO Limited is updating prepaid meter software for all its residential customers


ZESCO Limited is updating prepaid meter software for all its residential customers. The phased exercise commenced on 30 March 2023, and is a mandatory requirement necessitated by the impending expiry of the software currently in use on 24 November 2024.

Thus far, over 85% of customers in Lusaka South and Central Zones have had their prepaid meter software successfuily upgraded through a self-service three step approach.

However, the Corporation has noted that some customers in the targeted areas are experiencing challenges to update their meters, consequently failing to upload electricity units into their meters.

The customers in areas where meter software upgrade is in progress will, upon buying electricity units, receive a receipt containing three (3) 20-digit tokens labeled as KCT1 and KCT2 followed by the actual electricity token labeled as ZESCO token.

Therefore, to update their meter software and successfully upload electricity units, a customer must take the following steps:

1. Purchase electricity and collect your prepaid electricity token receipt or receive it electronically.

2. Enter the first token (KCT1) then enter (KCT 2) after 30 seconds of entering the first token. Once successful, your meter software is updated.

3. Enter the electricity recharge token labeled ZESCo token. Furthermore, our customers are encouraged to visit the official ZESCO Facebook page to access videos demonstrating the three-step process.
ZESCO regrets the inconvenisnpe our customers may experience



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