Binwell Mpundu


Lusaka…. Saturday May 15, 2021

The Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Advocacy Platform-ZIGCLAP, will petition the Electoral Commission of Zambia to disqualify any independent aspiring candidates that will be using branded Political party’s materials such as party regalia, posters etc. The institution will also petition ECZ to ban any independent candidates who will be using any Presidential candidate’s brand name in their campaign messages.

ZIGCLAP will further sue in the CONCOURT independent candidates and their agents that will be seen to align themselves with any political party during campaigns.

However, Independent candidates are free to exercise their democratic right of participation in the forthcoming elections but should not in any way contravene copy rights, intellectual property and branding laws in their campaigns.

In promoting the nurturing and growth of Zambia’s democracy no deceitful, manipulative strategies that undermines democracy and the intellect of the people should be condoned.

Independent candidate’s distribution of party materials and aligning themselves to any political party is tantamount to a party fielding two candidates in one constituency,
district and or ward election an act that erodes as well as violates the genuine principles of free and fair elections.

We encourage all aspiring candidates to get familiar with the electoral code of conduct as well as the Republican laws.

Francis Chipili

Chief executive Officer

Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Advocacy Platform – ZIGCLAP


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