ZIM ELECTIONS: CCC raises red flag; accuses Police bosses of ordering juniors to vote under instruction, in their presence   

Chamisa Mnangagwa
Chamisa Mnangagwa

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) has raised a red flag, accusing Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) senior officers of ordering subordinates to vote under instruction and in their presence as a form of intimidation.

A video of junior officers casting their Special Ballots has been shared online.

The CCC has also reported the misnomer to the ZRP’s Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) in Harare.

Areas where junior officers were being forced to vote in their superiors’ presence reportedly include Kwekwe and Murehwa.

“Our incident tracker has been awash with reports from prison officers, police officers and other security forces saying they are being forced to vote under the direction and supervision of our senior,” said Mahere, Monday afternoon.

“Such a command vote is unconstitutional; you cannot have your superior over you to check whether or not you voted for CCC.

“They are entitled to have their constitutionally entitled right to vote. Our elections directorate went to PGHQ to raise the alarm on that postal vote.”

Opposition parties have not been granted access to Special Voting processes, ballot, paper designs and the voters’ roll itself.

ZEC’s shadowy operations have raised opposition eyebrows, most of whom already feel the election is being rigged in favour of ruling Zanu PF.

Added Mahere: “We condemn command voting and a lack of transparency of the postal voting process. what did they have to hide? Why should it be done under a cloud of secrecy? Why should it be done in a manner where officers are being monitored to make sure they vote the right way?”

Zimbabweans decide their municipal, parliamentary representatives and President on August 23 in what is expected to be a two-horse race between the CCC and Zanu PF: Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa.


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