Zim Prophet Demands 3 Zulu Virgin Girls, R10 Million To Resurrect Zahara

Mpho Xaba, the fiancé of ailing South African musician, Zahara (Picture via Instagram - Zahara)

Zim Prophet Demands 3 Zulu Virgin Girls, R10 Million To Resurrect Zahara

By A Correspondent

Controversial Zimbabwean preacher Isaac Makomichi is at it again…

This time the cleric claims he can resurrect South African musician Zahara from the dead

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Zimbabwean Prophet Makomichi Demands 3 Zulu Virgins & R10M to Resurrect Zahara from the Dead

The nation of South Africa is in mourning the death of great Afropop sensation Bulelwa Mkutukana (36) known as Zahara.

The relatives of the deceased suspect she was poisoned on her lobola day.

Controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi claims Zahara’s relatives can be happy again.

The Zimbabwean spritualist Makomichi of Masvingo said he can raise Zahara from the dead as he is powerful.

The prophet is known for black magic of moving mountains and at the beginning of the year, he reportedly walked on Kariba water and many reportedly flocked to him for help.

Makomichi is said to have woken up a dead person but then he was beaten by people because the deceased just woke up and walked then sat up but was speechless and died again after 20 minutes.

Many people accuse Makomichi of being used by Satan to perform shocking miracles.

Makomichi is said to want 10 million Rands, South African citizenship and three virgin Zulu women as part of payment to resurrect Zahara.

Many people testify that their illnesses and problems have disappeared after being helped by Makomichi, many men say that their manhood have increased in length after being helped by Makomichi

Some of Zahara’s friends and relatives say they wish to give prophet Makomichi a chance to resurrect their friend, but they say the price Makomichi has quoted is too high. Some spiritualists say Makomichi is a true man of God

Makomichi said if Zahara’s close relatives decide to accept the offer , they must contact him on his number +263777469342 to process the three virgins and 10 million Rands issue.

“The prophet (Isaac Makomichi) is too powerful, he can do anything because he has the spiritual powers but I don’t believe him to be prophet from God. He has powers but I doubt the source of his powers, he (Makomichi) healed my brother from a deadly sickness but still I believe him to be a wizard, Zahara’s family must not accept Makomichi’s requests” said one Limpopo preacher who claimed Makomichi uses secret powers.


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