Lusaka, Tuesday (July 18, 2023)
Socialist Party (Zambia) President Fred M’membe has urged Zimbabweans to ‘never’ allow puppets of neo-colonialism such as Nelson Chamisa to rule Zambia’s neighbouring country.

Dr. M’membe said despite challenges, weaknesses and mistakes, the people of #Zimbabwe are better off with the ZANU-PF.
He said Anglo-American Corporation through the Brenthurst Foundation will never succeed in installing puppets like (Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu) Bobby Wine in Uganda, Democratic Alliance (DA) in South Africa and President of the Citizens Coalition For Change Nelson Chamisa in Zimbabwe.

Dr. M’membe praised the people of Kenya who rejected the installation of another neo-colonialism puppet but voted for their own leader in the recent general election.

“We have been exploited for too long. There is need to let the African people choose their own leaders. There is need to let the people of Zimbabwe choose their own leaders. We have been neo – colonized for too long. From the time we established contact with our western friends, they have never allowed us to govern ourselves. The time for our total liberation in all aspects, is now, in the way we want. They have never allowed us to choose our own leaders. They colonized us for decades or even for centuries. This is no time to be governed by puppets of imperialism. This is no time to be governed by puppets of Anglo-American Corporation,” he said.
He reminded the people of Zimbabwe that the continent won independence through difficult struggles.

“We defeated them. They have come back again to try and re-colonize us through puppets or agents. This is no time to governed by agents of the Brenthurst Foundation. The people of Zimbabwe have gone through a lot of difficulties by simply trying to maintain and regain their independence,” he said.

Dr. M’membe said nearly 20 000 Zimbabweans died during the First Chimurenga which was a resistance to colonialism of the British South African Company of Cecil John Rhodes and other agents of imperialism.

“Our people in Zimbabwe were killed. Our leaders were killed in Zimbabwe in the First Chimurenga just to resist colonization. Mbuya Nehanda was killed for resisting colonialism. Here in Zambia, Nsingo was killed for resisting colonialism. We won our independence. The people of Zimbabwe liberated themselves through the Second Chimurenga,” he said.

Dr. M’membe said the same colonizers have come back again to colonize the continent through puppets managed by Anglo-American Corporation through the Brenthurst Foundation.

“Today, the same people who colonized us want to come back through puppets. They have installed puppets everywhere. They have installed puppets in Zambia. They have a puppet in Zambia managed by Anglo-American Corporation through the Brenthurst Foundation. They want to install a puppet in Zimbabwe, Chamisa. They tried to install a puppet in Kenya, they failed. They are trying to install a puppet in Uganda, Bobby Wine, they will never succeed. They are trying in South Africa to ensure that the ANC does not get a majority and we have a rule of their puppets in DA, it will never happen and it should not be allowed to happen. They want to install apartheid agents in South Africa through the DA, in Zimbabwe through Chamisa, in Zambia they have succeeded through Hakainde Hichilema, in Uganda they want to install Bobby Wine, a puppet. This is not the time to be ruled by agents of people who killed our people. People who killed Mbuya Nehanda, Seguru Kaguvi, Nsingo, people who colonized us for almost a century to come back and re-colonize us again,” he said.
Dr. M’membe said the neo-colonialists have never allowed Africa to choose its own leaders because they are after minerals and other natural resources.

“The Brenthurst Foundation, an Anglo Foundation is aggressively trying to participate in the governance of our countries. For what? Where we have chosen true leaders of our people, they have killed them. They have maligned them. They have defamed them, simply to regain their of our minerals. To regain their control over our resources,” he said.

The Socialist Party (Zambia) President said Zimbabweans must unite to reject agents of western governments.
“The elections coming up in Zimbabwe, they have so much interest in them. I appeal to the people of Zimbabwe not to vote for puppets of imperialism, of Anglo and other transnational corporations. The puppets of western governments. But they, themselves, never allow any body to take an interest in their elections, influence their elections. You try to influence the American elections and see what they will do to you and see what their reaction will be. But they want to tell the people of Zimbabwe who should lead them. To tell the people of Africa who should lead them. For what the deficiencies, for whatever the mistakes, for whatever the weaknesses of ZANU-PF, we are still better of with them in power and we should give them our support. For now, in Zimbabwe, there is no alternative to ZANU-PF. This is not time for them to choose our leaders. I hope our people in Zimbabwe will not be swayed by neo-colonial propaganda and choose puppets for leaders. We know ZANU-PF has made many mistakes but they are our liberators. They are truly anti-imperialistic and they deserve our support. This is not the time to be ruled by agents of mining transnational corporations. To be ruled by agents of our colonizers,” he said.
Dr. M’membe said Zimbabweans must not be cheated to go the Zambian way.

“The Zambian way is the way of being governed by puppets. If we continue to be ruled by our agents of our former colonizers who want to come and re-colonize us, we will not see much progress. Today, Africa has 29 military posts of the USA and Zambia has accepted to be part of that. Today, Zambia is hosting an Africom Office for the USA military. For what? Definitely, it’s for swatting the sovereignty of Continent of Africa. Time to get rid of puppets is now. This is our time to choose our own leaders. This is time for Zimbabweans to choose their own leaders. Puppets, agents of neo-colonialism cannot be leaders of our people and they should never be allowed to be allowed to be leaders of our people. Our sovereignty is important. Our independence is important. Zimbabwe should not go the puppet way. I, therefore, make a passionate appeal to the people of Zimbabwe not to entertain puppets, the agents of imperialism, the agents of the Brenthurst Foundation,” he said.

Dr. M’membe reminded Zimbabweans that Zambians died for the independence of Zimbabwe after being bombed by white Rhodesians.
“Today, they should come back again to be given back the country to run through puppets. They have succeeded in Zambia and their appetite has grown and they think they can do it in Zimbabwe. We should not allow it. Again, I emphasize to the people of Zimbabwe not to allow puppets to govern this country,” he said.


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