Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops reject Pope’s call to bless same-sex couples


Zimbabwe Bishops reject Pope’s call to bless same-sex couples

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops have rejected the proposed move by Pope Francis announced by the Vatican to allow Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples.

In a long statement, the Bishopsp warned and instructed its priests to desist from actions that may be deemed as the blessing of same sex unions.

The Bishops say there is a lot of anxiety and confusion that has arisen due to the policy shift and emphasized to its priests to be extremely careful of the blessings that they give as it may be misinterpreted.

The Bishops say their decision to reject this move is also guided by the laws of the land, culture and moral reasons.

Credit: ZiFM


  1. The sad but honest truth is that a lot of Catholic priests have been preying on young boys for centuries. Yet their doctrine forbids same sex fimo fimo. The same way half the pentecostal pastors in Lusaka are gay.


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