Chishimba Kambwili “deported” from Zimbabwe picked by Zambian authorities and deposited at Maina Soko Medical Centre


Jailed politician, Dr. Chishimba Kabwili has been deported from Zimbabwe, days after he had crossed into that country to seek medical services.

According to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, says Dr. Kambwili was deported yesterday at midnight and entered Zambia via Chirundu Border.

Mr. Mwiimbu, who is on a tour of North-Western Province, discloses the embattled former Minister of Information is currently admitted to Maina Soko Hospital receiving treatment he attempted to seek outside the country.

For over a week the renowned politician who is serving a six-month prison sentence for hate speech, made headlines when he allegedly left the country illegally in his quest to seek specialist medical treatment abroad.

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  1. Kambwili crime doesnt pay. You thought you were smart. Here you are now. When you leave hospital to will be transfer to Prison to serve the rest of your sentence. You are not the God you think you are. Nothing but a two bit crook that you are….here.
    Running away to Zimbo, they also they would have straining the already bad relationship they have with Zambia who they need. So that country has better hospitals? Please….mulebako serious.
    Dont insult the croc before you cross the river….just shows how foolish you are.
    Ba Kateka…you live in a bubble. You promised for the rule of law to prevail. We dont see it here. We are slowing heading back to the selective application of the law. Why? Justice is blind to names, tribe or monetary status.

    • This is a lesson to even those in power right now to stop abusing that power.

      They will deport him from Panama after 2026 if he tries to hide there.

  2. Zambia and Zimbabwe are one country.Edson dont do this again.Zimbabweans must also feel at home when in Zambia unless crime is committed.From Berlin

  3. This crook thought he will find asylum in zimbabwe since HH and Mgangwa do not get along. He was mistaken. Zimbabwe doesn’t want to get into a diplomatic spat because of a crook like him.


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