9 June 2020


On 7 June 2020, the during the 19:00 hours main news on TV1 , ZAMBIA NATIONAL BROADCASTING CORPORATION (ZNBC) carried a totally misleading story brewed by known Patriotic Front (PF) propagandists to achieve the hidden, but exposed agenda.

Even the newscaster (name withheld) presented the story as if she was sitting on a million drawing pins. ZBNC is pushing a PF propaganda by championing a falsehood that the leader of the biggest and strongest opposition party in Zambia is inciting people to rise against a failed PF government.

Traditionally, ZNBC is on record of carrying stories that always project UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema in a negative sense. And in this particular story, Mr Hichilema is again projected as the one inciting people to ‘raise against’ Edgar Lungu’s shrunken and finished empire.

Newscaster reads..,

“UPND President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema has urged Zambians to rise against the alleged injustice that is being perpetuated by government. The opposition leader also asked people to rise against the wrong doings by those in government. Mr Hichilema said this on Diamond TV today,” ends Newscaster.

Notice that in the above three sentences, the words RISE AGAINIST were deliberately used TWICE in very close proximity to paint Mr Hichilema black; as blackness can be! While the UPND president was asking questions in his address, ZNBC presented it as a treasonable matter to achieve the PF game plan.

HH video clip plays..,

“I ask the people of Zambia, how many more people will be brutalized by the Police through Mr Lungu, Lusambo, Kampyongo before we say no to that; within the law, within the constitution? How many more? How many more media houses will be attacked and destroyed before we stand up and say no? How many more. How many more people do you want arrested for notifying the police of an intended peaceful demonstration?” ends video clip.

It is concerning that ZNBC decided to twist Mr Hichilema’s message from mere sensible questions to something else as per PF government game plan. The nature of the news was a plot to find Mr Hichilema guilty of another unfounded seditious case brewed by PF.

We had enough of the fake treason charge of 2017 and we shall not allow the PF to repeat that stupidity months before the 2021 presidential elections. From 2015. Mr Lungu has placed his knee of the neck of Zambians, and every one of us is saying, “I can’t breathe!”

We, the people of Zambian need to breathe again in 2021, leave President Hichilema alone!



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