By Dickson Jere

When you over control your child, he or she becomes perpetually dependent on the parent. The child will not think on its own unless the parent approves whatever he or she wants to do. Over controlling children kills initiative. They become “unthinking” and fear to do anything without the approval from parents. And so such children usually will stick to the “safer way” of doing things. Fear of the unknown inculcated in their minds for many decades…

Don’t be cheated, ZNBC has one of the best journalists in the region. They are capable of doing amazing stuff! So before we condemn them, try and remember how that institution has operated for many years. There is always big brother watching…I can tell you that ZNBC reporters had the story of the death of our founding President Kenneth Kaunda, just like SABC and others. But they could not report it without an official announcement from government – that is how we have kept and managed that ZNBC since time immemorial. We know people who have lost jobs for trying to do something different…

By the way, some of the footage and documentaries on Kaunda you see on SABC and all were actually put together with the help of our own ZNBC staff.

For me, the death of our founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda is an eye-opener. ZNBC should be allowed to start thinking outside the box! The journalists there are capable of doing miracles – allow them to innovate freely. This is my small token on this! But yes, we were outshined by the South African media – in fact this was the case when KK turned 97! Let’s deal with the disease and symptoms..


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