Greedy crows swoop on Eagle’s nest, steals ZNS meali-meal meant for Congo

A THICK shadow has fallen over the Zambian National Service (ZNS) Kasumbalesa Border Eagles holdings warehouse yesterday, where cheeky thieves swooped in and snatched 212 bags of 25 kilograms of mealie meal meant for Congo exports.

The mealie meal, which has been valued at an estimation of k68,000 all together was meant for immediate transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The commodity was discovered missing on Monday.

ZNS Chief of Marketing & Public Relations, Mable Mulenga Nyoni confirmed the incident through a statement.

Nyoni confirmed highlighted the potential risk if the stolen bags, labeled as “genetically modified organisms” (GMOs), are sold illegally within Zambia as GMO consumption is prohibited.

She said by stealing the mealie meal, the thieves have put at risk the lives of Zambian citizen if at all they attempt to illegally offload the stolen bags of genetically modified organism (GMO) commodities onto the local market.

Nyoni said if they offload the commodity to the locals it will attract another charge aside from breaking in and stealing bags of mealie meal.

She further noted that currently, the ZNS are on their sleeves as they put in their military training on the ground together with Graphel Musamba’s men in pursuit of the perpetrators.

Furthermore, the service called on all responsible citizens to ensure that they equally take the bull by its horn in ensuring that they report any suspicious activities related to the sale or distribution of the stolen ZNS mealie meal, particularly those bearing black labels.

“We further implore the public to refrain from purchasing these products and to assist law enforcement agencies by providing any pertinent information that may aid in the apprehension of the individuals behind the vice,” said Nyoni.

She reiterated that ZNS will hence force intensify security measures at all its depots to prevent any further occurrences as the service is committed to safeguarding all it’s facilities while at the same time protecting the interests of the Zambian people who have chosen not to consume any GMO product.

And for those with information, they have urged to report to Major Bernard Mwewa on 0978 122 182 Captain Sydney Bwalya on 0979 497 995 or to any nearest Police Station.

Take note that the non-GMO Eagle’s mealie meal meant for the Zambian market is labeled in green while the GMO mealie meal meant for importation to Congo is in black prints

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 20, 2024


  1. Madam Nyoni lers be serious with such matters. How can over 200 bags be removed from a ZNS warehouse unnoticed? Say something else noti ifi!!!

  2. Kkkkkk. Yes we may say GMOs – Maize meal is a danger to human being but we all forget that we swallow more GMOs through broilers, eggs, etc. Most of vegetables and cooking oils are all contaminated with poisonous chemicals.
    We do eat fumigated maize, bananas etc.
    Sorry to mention, that we are not also safe. Best one is to go back to our stapple food like cassava, sorghum, finger millet, village chickens but then kkkkk

    • Just to add on the GMO foods we consume include all food we import mainly from SA like potatoes, tomatoes, cornflakes, wheatbix, jams, butter, even normal and vergitable milk. The list is endless! Kuti waseka……

  3. There is more to it than meets the eye. It is possible there is a cartel out there bent on embarrassing someone. Proper investigations will reveal the masterminds.


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