LUSAKA-13th June 2023

Former State House Special Assistant to the President for Politics, Zumani Zimba has applied for bail before the Lusaka High Court.

Zimba, Marlone Banda,Potipher Gwai and Given Phiri have applied to be admitted to Bail pending Trial.

They have cited Article 18(2)(a) of the Constitution, and provision of Section 123 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Anti-Terrorism Act no 6 of 2018 by Act. No. 6 of 2023.

And of the co-accused, Given Phiri has revealed how he was beaten, tortured and slapped by named senior criminal investigations officer from Service Headquarters in order to implicate former President Edgar Lungu and Christopher Zumani Zimba over gassing allegations.
This according to sworn affidavits filed in the Lusaka High Court on Case No; HPBA/16/2023 in the case of the People Vs Given Phiri, Marlone Banda, Potipher Gwai and Chris Zumani Zimba.

He named the officers led by Officef Simunza Uyoya.

He said that the officers told him that the investigations were heavily funded and were interested in making progress on the allegations that the gassing incident were perpetrated by President Edgar Lungu and Christopher Zumani.

And Given Phiri has narrated how in January 2020 in his quest to buy gold and red mercury has landed him in the allegations that he was involved in gassing incidences.

He narrated that he was called by a lady from Kabwe who had traveelled to Sinda informed him that two Mozambicans were selling red mercury and gold for a sum of K50,000.00.

He said he then travelled to Eastern Province with his friend, Marlone Banda using a Toyota Mark X for the business deal.

He said in the car,they had used oil after servicing the car,hand sanitisers,medicine for cough mixture and his perfume.

He said they travelled to Sinda was to meet the lady Sarah Chibwe so that she could lead them to the two Mozambicans selling gold and red mercury.

They were led to Sinda Police Station where the two Mozambican were being held as the Ms.Sarah Chibwe had allegedly tried to grab the items from the items from the two Mozambicans.

He said at the Police Station they were asked to show proof that they came from Lusaka and they surrendered toll gate receipts.

They learnt that the previous day,they was a serious incident were the two Mozambicans were beaten by a mob and were rescued by Police.

It emerged that Sarah Chibwe went with two police officers to the lodge were the two Mozambicans were staying and attempted to get the gold and red mercury by force.

When the Mozambicans resisted and attempted to ran away, they chased them screaming that they were gassers and that’s how the members of public gave chase and beat them.

He said after learning about the confusion, they decided to leave and the two Mozambicans were left in Police custody.

He said when they reached the Petauke Police Check point, were after a search,they found the used oil, hand sanitisers and his perfume. The Police accused them of being behind the reports of gassing incident in Sinda and were taken to the Police Station.

He said to prove that they were carrying harmful gasses,the Police sprayed it on their faces. Nothing happened.

They were them transfered to Chipata Police Station as the incidences and reports of gassing were serious.

They were later transferred to Lusaka.
He said after the verification of the details of the incidence and proof that the used oil, hand saniters and perfume, they were released.

He said he was therefore surprised that the on 23rd March 2023, he was called by the Police and detained on allegations that he was involved in gassing.

He said the Police have been interrogating him and they took them to Sinda District were police confirmed that no one was ever gassed in the district.

They were later released on Police bond.

However they were later picked up. He said after the last prolonged detention, the Lusaka High Court granted them harbeus Copus for their release.

But it’s on that day that Mr. Zumani was brought, detained and they were charged with possessing articles of terrorism.


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