Zuma’s private prosecution bid against Ramaphosa postponed


The Johannesburg High Court has postponed the hearing of a bid by South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma’s to privately prosecute current leader Cyril Ramaphosa.

The court on Thursday adjourned the case to 6 August.

Mr Zuma is seeking to prosecute President Ramaphosa for failing to act against prosecutor Billy Downer and journalist Karen Maughan for allegedly disclosing his medical details, which were contained in court documents during his corruption trial.

The former president argues that the alleged leak was in violation of the law.

Last year, President Ramaphosa successfully asked the court to block the prosecution.

Mr Zuma then challenged the decision at the Supreme Court of Appeal, but he was dismissed, with the court arguing that the prosecution of the president would be unlawful and unconstitutional.

Mr Zuma is seeking to overturn that court decision, which would allow him to pursue legal action against his successor.


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