Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita in a battle for ‘who is better diplomat than the other’

There is a silent cold war between Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita over who is good at being a Diplomat than the other.

Mwamba who controls an online media Mwebantu has sponsored various media houses to write good things about him and portray that he is too good than all other diplomats.

This has infuriated Mukwita who was heard saying he is far much better than Mwamba.

The two have been rocking horns for a long time. Mukwita has lost lost much grip following the constructive dismissal of Amos Chanda who was his puppet.

The two diplomats have been reported to be responsible for the firing of those in Foreign service. They consider themselves as media gurus whom the PF can’t do without.

Mwamba has been wanting to stand in Kasama as MP while Mukwita has been wanting to be a Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Information and Communication.

They both don’t like what they are doing in foreign service but they have little say. Their prayer is to be brought back during 2021 elections to help with propaganda and afterwards never go back.

SOURCE: The Kwacha Times


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