justice Esau Chulu
justice Esau Chulu


Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu says the United Party for National Development must stay out of the 2021 polls if they oppose the printing of ballot papers in Dubai.

Justice Isau Chulu says the Electoral Commission of Zambia has decided to use the Al Ghurair Printing Company which printed the 2016 Ballot papers.

He says those who don’t want to support ECZ must not participate in the 2021 General Elections to avoid confusion.

Justice Chulu further says that, there was no stakeholder consulted on the awarding of contract to have Al Ghurair Printing company to print 2021 ballot papers at a whopping amount of 6.9 Million United States dollars.

Earlier the PF through President Edgar Lungu told the Nation that 2021 ballot papers were going to be printed locally by Government Printers.

In 2016, Justice Isau Chulu announced wrong Presidential figures for Chitulika constituency were the total vote cast was above the total registered voters.

It is still unclear if UPND being the Largest Opposition Political party will allow Justice Isau Chulu to misbehave in 2021.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch


  1. What does the constitution of Zambia say on the choice of a company to print the ballot papers for any general elections? If the constitution says the ecz should consult the stakeholders then they should have consulted them. But if the constitution is silent on the matter then I don’t see any reason why Upnd should start dictating in this regard.

  2. First it is better to deal with the reaction from the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ). There is no provision of powers or authority for the Chairperson of the ECZ to dictate that any political party which is not comfortable with ECZ printing ballot papers in Dubia must stay away from the 2021 polls. Reading the amended 2016 constitution of Zambia on electoral process and systems of administering elections, one only gets provisions foe free and fair elections and independence, accountability, efficiency and transparency of the electoral process. The constitution of Zambia as amended in 2016, states that the system of administering elections shall be prescribed. Then the ECZ Act of 2016 states the detailed functions of the ECZ which is summed as supervise and control elections in a fair and impartial manner and establish and maintain liaison and cooperation with political parties. There is no function of ECZ of threatening opposition political parties.

  3. Idiocy. Why does Esau Chulu think he can tell a political party not to participate in elections? Where does he get the power to do so? Is he planning to rig the 2021 elections? This time Zambians will defend their vote. Esau Chulu you must behave correctly before, during and after the 2021 elections.

  4. He said that “if you can’t support ECZ then stay away” its clear so idiots are you without reasoning. Or do you want ECZ to go print papers in DUNDUMWEZI?

  5. Its not the matter of who is the largest opposition but which % of the stake homers is greater between those in support or against?upnd alone can’t stop it from happening, wayamba kale kulila.chifundu one.


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