14th January 2020 – We wish to inform the general public that the image purportedly from Shoprite indicating the price of mealie meal as K215.99 for breakfast is fake. The price is K169.99 in Shoprite.

We are ably informed that this was a pricing error at one of the Shoprite outlets.

We wish to alert the public to be on high alert to such errors and sometimes individuals who are politically inclined will go to such desperate levels in order to cause panic and gain cheap political mileage.

Chief Government Spokesperson and Information Minister Hon. Dora Siliya informed the nation that the price of mealie meal would not go above K132,000. This was after meeting with the millers.

She stated that the tripartite agreement involving Government, through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Millers Association of Zambia and Grain Traders Association of Zambia in November last year, should result in wholesale prices of roller meal at K 125.00 and breakfast meal at K 130.00.

She further announced that the key retailers had all agreed on a not more than K6.00 mark up which means retail prices for roller meal will be K 131.00 while breakfast meal being K136.00

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters


  1. Just explain that was mistake, if opposition were the ones that put that, you should have blamed them. Not where ShopRite makes a mistake, you to blame the opposition. I think you are drunk from social cash transfer money that you stole with your brother. Foolishness

  2. Chanda do not think Zambians are foolish. Is it the opposition who put the price tag? This is Damage control you are doing. Still do you think K166.99 is nothing to a poor man? if I were you I would have stayed without reacting to this. see now how you have displayed your foolishness. if PF thinks you are building the party then continue. The more you say all this rubbish the more I FEEL LIKE LEAVING THIS COUNTRY AND COME BACK NEXT YEAR TO COME AND VOTE YOU OUT OF GOVT. Muleumfwako insoni, Insoni ebuntu. Mwalitinina Lunshi pamenso imwe Ka


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